RAM 2500 HD Power Wagon, Norweld Flatbed Rig built by 10/40 Overland

2018 ram 250 hd power wagon four wheel camper norweld flatbed on northwest overland rally course

Featuring a Hawk Four Wheel Camper and a Norweld flatbed, this Mojave Sand colored 2018 RAM 2500 Power Wagon is owned by Kenn Miller. The flatbed truck camper build was completed by 10/40 Overland who, apart from building custom overland rigs, is also a Four Wheel Camper and NuCamp Teardrop dealer. 10/40 Overland has two locations: one in Wildomar, CA and one in Beaverton, OR.

I met both Kenn and 10/40 Overland at the Northwest Overland Rally – definitely a nice group who were gracious to show me around Kenn’s rig. I also got the opportunity to catch Kenn navigating the overland course at NWOR, and his rig did not disappoint! (See video below)

The RAM Power Wagon/FWC/Norweld Overland Build

The most obvious upgrades to Kenn’s RAM Power Wagon are the aluminum Norweld camper tray that replaced his standard truck bed, and the Hawk Four Wheel Camper flatbed version.

As far as suspension, Kenn’s RAM Power Wagon at the time of this interview was mostly stock. “With the Power Wagon, the weight carrying capabilities are a little down compared to other ¾ ton trucks, so I did put some Firestone Airbags on it currently,” states Kenn. “I may upgrade to a Hellwig Sway Bar and some other stuff later to help with stability on the highway with wind”.

With the Norweld camper tray, Kenn gains an extra 20 gallons of water storage beyond the camper, not to mention tons more general storage with 4 boxes on the sides at each corner, and a large slide-out drawer in the rear.

With the flatbed model Hawk Four Wheel Camper, Kenn gains a ton more room and storage in his camper’s interior compared to the more common slide-in style, and he likes the layout better since the dinette is in the rear. With the solar on the roof, Kenn mentioned he had been parked at NWOR for days without starting his rig, yet no problems when it came time to do so.

One unique feature I had not seen previously, is a Quick Pitch En-Suite shower and privacy curtain on the outside of his Hawk camper. Kenn had 10/40 Overland mount it near the exterior shower port that comes with the Hawk camper. The durable curtain drops out of a latching powder coated aluminum box. It quickly unrolls and swing out arms create a square room where you can shower, change or create a private outdoor restroom. The curtain stores away quickly as well.

RAM Power Wagon on the NW Overland Rally Technical Course

Kenn’s overland RAM Power Wagon was definitely a crowd pleaser on the NWOR overland course. Despite almost stock suspension, I was really impressed with how well the truck/camper combo performed on the course. Slow and steady, Kenn conquered all obstacles with relative ease. You can see for yourself in the video embedded in this article.

four wheel camper on northwest overland rally course
Kenn navigating the Northwest Overland Rally Technical Course

Thank you Kenn and 10/40 Overland for sharing this awesome RAM truck camper build.

BTW – If you’re interested in seeing more RAM 2500 Four Wheel Camper builds, check out the article and full video we did on Mule Expedition Outfitter’s BAJA Runner RAM 2500/Four Wheel Camper flatbed overland rig which was also featured at NWOR you won’t be dissapointed!