Using My Project M Camper Topper as a Mobile Office

mobile office camper

One of the primary uses I had planned to use the Project M mounted on my old 83′ Chevy K10 truck, is as a mobile office camper where I could go pretty much go anywhere on four wheels and work on my laptop, blogging out in nature in peaceful, serene environments.

The old sqaurebody K10 has a gigantic 8 foot bed, so inside the Project M camper topper, it’s as spacious as a full office since the camper sits on the rails of the truck bed itself and the floor isn’t occupied like it would be with a slide-in camper. My setup for office work inside the camper includes my laptop, the Project M 12V power station, a fold out camp chair, a mini 12V ApliCool fridge/freezer for snacks and drinks, and that’s about all I need to work pretty much anywhere. 

When I park somewhere to work, to keep a lower profile I don’t need to pop the camper top up. I just climb in over the tailgate, turn on the bright ceiling LED lights, fold out my camp chair with plenty of head room and set up my laptop on the side bench that is engineered to add structural integrity to the camper for off road purposes. It works perfectly as my office desk. For privacy if needed, I just close the rear camper hatch and my mobile office in the camper is complete for work. 

The Project M camper has tons of ventilation. 2 remote control MaxxFans in the roof for starters and a small screened window on the driver’s side which comes standard. I chose the large screened window option for the passenger side which gives me a large panoramic window view wherever I’m working and also ventilation if needed. 

I don’t need to worry about power either. First, the 12V power station charges up from driving to my destination via the truck and once I’m there the 160 watt solar panel on the roof keeps it topped off with power even when using the dimmable LED lights, fans, my 12V fridge and charging my laptop simultaneously. The Project M power station comes with an AC power inverter, so I just plug my laptop directly into this like a standard AC power wall socket.

In the video, I was running my fan, 2 lights, my fridge which draws 3 amps when running, and my laptop via the AC power inverter that plugs into the Project M power via a beefy Anderson plug. My power remained at 100% through my few hours of work, thanks to the 160 solar panel on the roof and a beautiful, sunny day. For longer stays working somewhere in my camper, I can of course pop the top up, giving me four more windows or open air screens for ventilation if I desire, and access to my king sized bed for lounging while working.

Using the Project M camper as a mobile office has really been one of the best offices I’ve had.