Four Wheel Campers Hosts it’s First Open House Event at Headquarters in Woodland, CA

four wheel campers open house

Four Wheel Campers, headquartered in Woodland, CA held their first Open House event on October 6, 2018. Savage Camper was happy to receive an invite. Hundreds of mostly local enthusiasts – both current owners and potential future camper owners attended.

Numerous owner truck/camper configurations were on display, as well as Four Wheel Campers own setups. Factory tours were held hourly, and a complimentary t-shirt along with tasty BBQ were provided to all attendees – the cheeseburgers were fantastic!. A handful of third party vendors were on display as well.

Four Wheel Campers Event Images

Below are some images of the Open house event:

owners with their four wheel campers

Owners Aisle assembled in the front parking lot at Four Wheel Campers headquarters. Getting to know some of these owners personally, they are committed customers who clearly have a passion for their campers.

ram 2500 with four wheel camper

Rene Henke’s custom RAM 2500 overland beast resides in the SF Bay Area. The camper itself is a FWC Hawk, Woolrich Edition, designed to sit on a flatbed.

overland toyota tacoma

Also present, was Wade Sumner’s custom Overland 2012 Toyota Tacoma topped with a Four Wheel Camper.  We’ve done a complete write-up on this build, along with a walk-around video which you can view via the link above.

vintage four wheel camper hawk

A perfect example of customer passion is Loro & her four-footed companion, Alpine.  Loro has owned this vintage 1984 Four Wheel Camper, Hawk model for about 9 years, and the 1990 Ford F-150 4×4 it sits on for about 7 years. She pointed out how well her camper has held up, despite being on numerous 4×4 trips – proof these campers are built to last!

ram 3500 four wheel camper

This Heavy Duty 2018 RAM 3500, with a Cummins Turbo Diesel, is actually owned by Four Wheel Campers. It’s topped with one of their new custom color campers, in this case a Hawk model in black which looks great!

Custom Khaki Four Wheel Camper

Here’s a couple of other new custom colors by Four Wheel Campers, in the realm of ‘recon’ colors – a khaki color in the foreground, and a solid grey in the background (not metallic). The colored exterior panels are aluminum.

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  1. Just found a 2005 small hawk 6’6″ very low price in perfect shape. Wondering if someone had idea’s on making some small shades out of the old style outside window flap coverings. Seems like a good way to take advantage of that type of old style outside ROLL ups since they are perfect for shade and rain. Any ideas or has anyone tackled this with any luck or did four wheel make such a product to make mini awnings out of them before they changed the design and and moved all window covering’s inside the rig? It was the correct move to do so however my tent material is in perfect shape and I’m 6’4″ and with a step I can get to them easy and like the idea of making or buying mini awning kit for all four windows and take advantage of what I have to work with. Found camper in San Diego area was owned by a guy that passed on and wife had it in garage for 7 years. I took it off her hand for 1000.00 dollars unreal score for the shape it is in. Was on a Ford truck and was raised with screwed in two by 4 on bottom floor to make it fit on the high Ford truck rails. I took the boards off bottom and it is now very low and fits my 1500 SHORT BED SILVERADO perfect. Seems lower then normal and can fit truck and camper in garage after changing out my vent to a low profile 14″ by 14″ sail boat hatch that only sticks up 1″ and is very heavy duty with real tinted glass and heavy duty latches that swing up all the way and also came with a fly screen and two heavy duty small gas shocks on both sides for 200.00 bucks. Took one of those double computer fans from Titon that has 6 speeds forward and reverse and fixed it to fit flush inside new hatch and I already had power for the old fantastic fan and vent. Now I can use fan in hatch or with easy connects on it can move fan to windows or by the bed at nite. 12 volt power for this fan is nothing and very quiet, not as powerful as the fantastic fan but can live with this one do to power consumption is almost nothing. Please get back to me on awning idea with old style tent, and if there was a kit for that or any proven ideas that someone came up with for this application might as will take advantage of what I have in front of me with the old school outside ROLL up flaps I have and make it a POSSITIVE thing…..Mike Myers San Diego searched 2 years for a four wheel camper used for the right price and was worth the wait for such a great deal. The old gal just wanted to get rid of it A SAP, because she was moving back to Utah were her kids are…..score for the record…….

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