4 Toyota Tundra Camper Options To Explore the Great Outdoors

camper on a toyota tundraFour Wheel Camper on a Toyota Tundra at Open House Event

More often, it seems we spot Toyota Tundra camper setups on the road vs. just the traditional big 3 American full-size truck manufacturers typically seen here in the U.S. Maybe you’re a Tundra owner yourself, and are interested in purchasing a camper. If so, here’s some popular camper options for the Tundra:

Go Fast Campers XL Platform

go fast camper on a toyota tundra

One of the more economical options for the Tundra is GFC’s XL Platform Camper, which starts just under $7,500 for the base version. Features include the pop top camper, opening side panels, choice of base color, queen high density foam mattress w/ cover and the install kit designed for your vehicle make/model.

Options for the base model include windows, a tent side door and custom coloring.

Besides affordability, another upside to this minimalist cabover camper is it weighs 300 lbs, so beefing up your Tundra’s payload capacity isn’t necessary.

Four Wheel Camper Models

four wheel camper on toyota tundra

FWC campers are designed to be rugged, lightweight and functional for the serious off-road and on-road camping enthusiasts. FWC does a great job of balancing affordability, functionality, weight considerations and features to build campers that have over 45 years of manufacturing (and camping) experience behind them. Having visited the factory first-hand, I can tell you Four Wheel Campers constantly keeps pushing to improve their already polished product. And they have quite the following of loyal owners.

There are 3 Four Wheel Camper models that fit the Toyota Tundra, depending on your bed length:

  • Short Bed: Raven model w/ base dry weight of 1040 lbs.
  • Standard Bed: Hawk model w/ base dry weight of 1100 lbs.
  • Long Bed: Grandby model w/ base dry weight of 1095 lbs.

Lance 650 Camper

lance 650 camper for half ton toyota

The Lance 650 Camper is the traditional cabover design, and come with a host of features including a bathroom, queen size bed, eternal shower, LED lighting, forced air furnace, and tanks for: fresh, grey & black water.

At a dry weight of about 1700 lbs, you’re right there past or near the payload limit of your Tundra, so you can see how it’s essential to beef up your suspension. You’ll most likely be past the 2,000 lb mark loaded up with gear and water. There’s always a trade-off, and if beefing up your suspension isn’t a big deal, you’ll be rewarded with a fully insulated hard-wall camper that is the most RV like option amongst cabover campers for the Tundra.

EarthCruiser MOD 400

earthcruiser mod camper toyota

NOTE: The MOD 400 is not currently in production, so check the used market.
One of the most modern options is the MOD 400 by EarthCrusier. MOD stands for “My Own Design”, in reference to it modular interior that can be customized with pre-built kits called PAKs. This version of the camper that fits a Tundra weighs around 800 lbs. So it’s well within the standard payload limit.

The camper itself is a one-piece composite shell. The base floor plan available includes the cabover bed, a corner storage unit, ceiling lights and 12-volt accessories.

Toyota Tundra Camper Suspension Upgrades

Keep in mind, it’s a good idea to beef up your Tundra’s suspension if you’re going to get a full cabover camper. With all your gear, water, fuel, etc it won’t take much to reach or exceed the payload capacity of your Tundra.

Tundra Load Level Helper Leaf Springs

One option with bolt-on installation, is to add some helper leaf springs to your Toyota Tundra. Hellwig Helper Springs are a popular option, and will increase the load capacity of your vehicle and help keep that load level. Hellwig’s options for the Tundra range from about 550 lbs to 2,500 lbs. Different options are available for 2007-2019 Tundra model years vs. 2000-2006 model years.

Tundra Load Leveling Air Bags

Another option is to run helper air bags. Firestone Ride-Rite Air Bags are a popular choice for use on the Toyota Tundra, which offer a load-leveling capacity of about 3,200 – 5,000 lbs.

Since air bags can limit your suspension travel by about 20%, many Tundra owners with campers who want to retain full off-road articulation of their suspension also run Daystar Air Bag Cradles to allow for full suspension travel for off-road applications. We recommend doing your due diligence researching the best option for your truck.

Toyota Tundra Payload Capacity by Year:

  • 2000: 1,377 to 1,924 lbs
  • 2001: 1,406 to 1,924 lbs
  • 2002-2003: 1,366 to 1,938 lbs
  • 2004: 1,325 to 1,875 lbs
  • 2005-2006: 1,485 to 2,025 lbs
  • 2007: 1,350 to 1,750 lbs
  • 2008: 1,350 to 1,990 lbs
  • 2009: 1,370 to 1,990 lbs
  • 2010: 1,350 to 2,090 lbs
  • 2011-2013: 1,450 to 2,090 lbs
  • 2014 1,340 to 1,915 lbs
  • 2015: 1,500 to 2,110 lbs
  • 2016: 1,430 to 2,060 lbs
  • 2017: 1,440 to 2,080 lbs
  • 2018-2019: 1,440 to 1,730 lbs
  • 2020-2021: 1520-1730 lbs
  • 2022-2023: 1,575-1,940 lbs

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