A-Frame Camper Trailers – Pop Up Campers, Hard Side

a frame camperA Frame Campers

When folded for transit, an A-Frame Camper trailer might be mistaken for a pop up tent trailer, as they look almost identical. However, when popped-up, the difference is visibly obvious, with hard side walls and a steeped roof, making for a completely enclosed living area. Compare that to the traditional, canvas sided pop-up tent trailer, popular over the last handful of decades.

The result is a hard-sided, pop-up camper with improved protection from the elements.

Rockwood Hard Side, A-Frame Camper

rockwood a frame camper
Pictured: Rockwood Hard Side A-Frame Trailer

Rockwood (and sister brand Flagstaff) a frame campers are manufactured by  Forest River. Both trailers feature a fiberglass, vacuum bonded exterior. With a quick, easy setup, Rockwood hard side campers have ample storage room.  Multiple floorplans in multiple configurations are available.

Standard Features (Partial List):

  • Cherry Interior with “Wood-Look” Linoleum
  • Two-Tone Fabric Seating
  • Stainless Steel Look Appliances and Sink
  • Double Pan Sink with High Rise Faucet (A194HW, A212HW Only)
  • Electric Water Pump
  • Large, Opening Picture Window
rockwood camper interior
Pictured: Rockwood A Frame Camper Interior

Learn more about Rockwood

Aliner Expedition A-Frame Camping Trailer

aliner a frame
Pictured: Aliner’s Expedition A Frame Camping Trailer

Aliner’s Expedition model is the largest of it’s fleet, coming in with an 18′ length and 84″ width. Even with it’s size, the Expedition weighs only 1850 lbs., making it towable by smaller SUVs. The 2 pop-up sections, called front and rear hard dormers, are options on this model.  Aliner also has many other models. If you’re looking for a-frame campers smaller and more compact, take a look at the Aliner Scout-Lite, which has an unloaded vehicle weight of 1180 lbs.

Bolwell RV AIR A-Frame Trailer

bolwell rv air camper
Pictured: Bolwell RV Air Camper

One look says it all – the Bolwell AIR a-frame camper is stunning in both looks and functionality. Towable by a small SUV, the AIR is aerodynamic when in transit, improving fuel-efficiency.

Manufactured in Australia, AIR’s construction is based on modern aerospace and composite technology. As a result, the camper is strong and resists corrosion worthy of the elements in the Outback.

Many quality features are standard on the AIR, as well as upgrades.

Jayco Jay Series Hardwall A-Frame Camper

jayco a frame trailer camping
Pictured: Jayco J-Series  Trailer

Jayco’s Jay Series is a handsome-looking little hardwall camper trailer that comes with a very useful storage deck, so you can bring everything you need on your next outdoor adventure. Setting up the A-Frame camper is a simple 3-step process. Besides a ton of standard features and options that come with the Jay Series, it also has the option of an expandable screen room for more sheltered living space.

NOTE: It appears 2016 was the last year Jayco produced the J-Series A-Frame trailer, so your best option for one of these is to scour the used trailer market.

Arrowhead Pop-Up, A-Frame Trailer

arrowhead a frame trailer
Pcitured: Arrowhead by Chalet, Inc.

At an overall length of 15’6” and base weight of 1,435 lbs, Arrowhead A-frame camper trailers are great-looking, well-built trailers.  Some of the standard features you’ll see inside an Arrowhead include:

  • LED lighting
  • Fridge, heater, 2 burner stove and sink
  • Pre-wired for solar
  • 15 gallon fresh water tank

On the exterior, you find standard features that include:

  • Patented lever lift system for easy setup and takedown
  • Insulated composite construction
  • Electric brakes
  • 4 stabilizer jacks
  • High wind harness system

A load of options for the Arrowhead are available as well, including an off-road A-frame trailer package.

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  1. hello. i am looking for A frame popup with a toy hauler deck.

  2. i have a Honda crv 1.8 motor would it be capable of towing your a frame van

    • Savage Camper | October 5, 2017 at 5:15 pm |

      Hi John,
      we actually don’t sell these A frame campers, but you can follow the links above to the manufacturer websites. I don’t know what year CRV you have, but the 2017 version has a towing limit of 1500 lbs., with what appears to be a larger motor than what you have. I’d recommend doing a Google search for your year vehicle’s towing capacity. All this being said, it looks as though many of A frame trailers weigh around 1,500 lbs or more which would be out of your towing capacity I believe. For camping trailers more likely within your towing capacity, you might consider an affordable teardrop trailer instead, which typically weigh well under 1,000 lbs. One other note, don’t forget to consider the weight of your camping gear as well.

  3. jonathan heussi | July 3, 2018 at 7:06 am |

    please, more interior pan photos

  4. I am looking for a self contained A-Frame camper that can be tow by a 4 door jeep. Can U please send me a brochure on your line up of A-Frames. R U going to be at the Tampa RV show in Florida?

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