Chevy K10

Road Trip Across USA Part 1: Reno Air Races

Throughout my life, I had always wanted to drive across the USA. While I had traveled to a handful of different states, it was almost exclusively via flying which was exciting in itself to see changing landscapes from high altitude. However, driving was always on the bucket list experiencing it…

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Heating Solutions for the Project M Topper Camper

If you plan on camping in cold weather with a Project M camper, you’re going to have to come up with some sort of heating solution.  I spent a mild winter sleeping at night in mine and despite having the insulation pack option, insulated walls and coming up with a…

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12V Heated Camper Bed Upgrade for $20

With nights getting significantly colder here at home base, the only thing I had accomplished thus far in the build-out for the interior of the Project M camper on #BigRedK10 is installing modular camper flooring. Coming up with a simple, cost-effective heat camper bed solution for sleeping in the camper…

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