2015 Pop Up Tent Trailers

rockwood tent trailerPictured: Rockwood HW by Forest River

Over the years, I’ve been able to experience camping over a broad spectrum – ranging from just the basic essentials on my back, to camping in a lavish RV. To me, it seems a popup trailer is an ideal setup for a family or whomever else might be looking to be one with nature, but also have many of the amenities an RV or full-size trailer have to offer, but with a minimalist flare to it.

After some research online, popup campers have come a long way – with many choices and setups to choose from. Here’s information about some of the manufacturers and their camper brands/models I found when searching:

2015 Forest River Popup Tent Campers

Forest River (pictured above) offers two lines of tent folding campers, “Flagstaff” and “Rockwood“, and also offer a hard-side model, called an A Frame camper as well. From the pictures on their website, these look like some very nice campers with a full-range of amenties, floorplans and options.

2015 Jayco Jay Series Pop Up Trailers

jayco tent trailer a frame

Pictured: 2015 Jayco Jay Series Hardwall

jayco hardwall pop up tent trailer

Pictured: 2015 Jayco Jay Series Hardwall Interior

Jayco pop-up tent camping trailers are backed with a 5-year tent warranty and an industry-leading 2-year warranty, plus the Jay Series is backed by five lifetime component warranties. 2015 Jayco Jay Series come in 3 models, the Jay Series, the Jay Series Sport and the Jay Series Sport Hardwall (pictured above).

Jayco is part of the EcoAdvantage partnership – through sustainability efforts, with focus on building better RVs using fewer or renewable natural resources.

SylvanSport GO Lightweight Pop Up Tent Camper Trailer

sylvansport go pop up tent trailer

Pictured: SylvanSport Go

SylvanSport offers a great pop up tent trailer for those looking for a more lightweight and economical solution. The great thing about the Go pop up trailer is that it can carry up to a dozen bikes, kayaks or even motorcycles or ATVs. Go also has 39 cubic feet of storage on it’s deck and a 9 cubic foot waterproof storage locker that doubles as a cooler.

Chalet A-Frame Pop Up Trailer

chalet pop up tent trailerAccording to Chalet, their folding travel trailers take less than 30 seconds for set up and take down, offer a patented lift system, lightweight construction and vacuum-bonded floor that is lightweight and extremely rot resistant. Chalet offers four different models and their XL is one of the largest hard–walled folding travel trailer on the market. Multiple floorplans are available for each model.

The Chalet XL1935 is pictured, with it’s unique, Hard Sided Expanding Front Dormer that comes standard on this model, and is optional on other models, adding additional space and large window views from within the trailer.


opera pop up trailer

Pictured: Opera Pop Up Trailer

This pop up camper is definitely not popup camper is definitely not your parents old trailer. Just one look at this camping trailer for the 21st century and you can instantly see it’s resembelance to the Sidney, Australia Opera House, from which this unique design was inspired. The Opera unfortunately isn’t currently being manufactured, but keep an eye out as it may soon. Here’s a link to a Youtube video about the Opera popup camper.

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