How to make a Bushcraft Chair

make a bushcraft chair

This is Jason Hunt’s version of how to make a bushcraft chair using no cordage.  You need several logs, about shoulder width apart. Two six to eight foot logs around the width of your wrist or a little bigger.  A four to six inch diameter log and 2 more logs for the base of the chair.

The base log needs two notches to help with stabilizing the chair. Then using two six foot long logs for the seat, measure the length you the seat and make a steak notch in each equal distance. Place another stick want for into the notches and lean the back support logs against it. Lastly add your seat logs and give it a whirl.  While it is not sturdy if you kick or push on it, once you sit down, it is very sturdy.  There you have it, a bushcraft chair.

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In this video we learn a quick and simple way to make a bushcraft camp chair only using three sticks.  All you do is take two logs and cross them.  Find a tree and lean them against it, tying them together at the cross section.  Next tie the seat stick at the preferred height.  You can notch the cross sticks at the seat if you’re worried about the string breaking, but its not necessary.  That’s all there is to it!