DIY Budget Camper Flooring that’s Modular and Insulates for $40

puzzle mat camper floor

The first project I tackled after installation of the Project M Camper on #BigRedK10 (a 1983 Chevy K10 6.2 diesel with a 6” lift, 37” tires and Dana 44/60 axles) was coming up with a solution for the floor of the camper. The base floor is actually just the truck bed since the Project M is a topper camper.  In fact, I previously restored the squarebody truck bed in preparation for the camper, under the assumption I’d come up with some sort of flooring solution that would help protect it. Since this is a camper, I definitely wanted to also add a level of comfort and functionality with the floor as well.

A popular idea many people use is a carpet kit. Looks great of course. When out in the world camping, that carpet is the best sand, dirt and spill grabber around. It’s nice how they extend up the sides. However a thin carpet doesn’t add a whole lot of insulative layering between your interior and the metal truck bed, and I have plans for specifically insulating the bed walls later.

Here’s a link to purchase Modular Flooring on Amazon. Being DIY minded, I spent awhile considering possible different options. In the end, nothing seemed to give me a larger list of advantages compared to modular foam rubber flooring, or commonly known as “puzzle mat”.  Here’s a list of advantages I came up with for using puzzle mat flooring:

Ridiculously Affordable

You’re looking at probably a few hundred dollars for a decent carpet kit. The puzzle mat I purchased was from Harbor Freight, a 24”x24” inch pack of 4.  With an 8 foot bed, I used 4 packs and had a few full size squares left over for spares. Each pack was $10.

Insulative Layer

The foam rubber matting is quite insulative and must have some sort of R value. I’ve actually used it on a few occasions while camping, as an insulative pad to sleep on and it made a significant difference.

Easily Cleaned

With this flooring, the panels themselves are completely waterproof. You can wash it, sweep or wipe it off, vacuum it and you’re good to go!

Modular Camper Flooring

Instead of dealing with a single piece of floor covering to pull in/out of the truck which can be heavy and cumbersome, the floor comes up in pieces just like a puzzle. No underlayment and the flooring stays in place.

Cushion/Comfort Layer

Layer of cushion for you when in the camper walking or kneeling. Also helps to protect your truck bed.

Rugged Flooring

Used in gyms, shops and all sorts of commercial settings, puzzle mat is industrial strength and designed to take a beating.

Easily Fix Damage

If you accidentally damage some of the flooring, just swap it out with new panels. 

How I Custom Fit the Modular Camper Flooring

All you need to trim the puzzle mat is a utility knife, straight edge, tape measure and a cutting surface.  In the video, you can see how I pieced the floor together and cut the edges, so everything came out a nice fit.  Even with ridges in the floor, the puzzle mat settles in perfectly where the edges don’t stick up and it contours to the ridges.

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