Crank Utility Caribiner by Techknew

crank carabiner

Here’s a handy new tool developed by Techknew, called the Crank Carabiner that’s been recently launched on Kickstarter.

It’s essentially a keychain multi-tool with a ton of handy uses when camping/backpacking.

Cropped Carabiner Description v7

Here’s the official press release below:

Greeley, CO: Colorado start up, Techknew inc. launches its first kickstarter campaign in order to get angel funding for its pilot product, Crank. Crank: Utility Carabiner is a keychain multi-tool that offers extreme convenience and safety.

“Incredibly unique product, a company with a lot of potential.” – George Schlagel

“The idea is to start creating simple and tiny tools that are incredibly useful for the target audience such as bikers and hikers.” – Ian Skor, CEO.

The carabiner was created not to replace well-crafted tools, but to be the go to pocket and keychain tool for on the go. Visit the campaign at Visitors will also get to watch Ian start a fire via bowdrill. Backers will have the option to purchase the Crank Utility Carabiner. :

  • Unique Carabiner
  • Effective Multi-Tool
  • Active Lifestyle Statement

About : Techknew, inc. is a Colorado based company founded by engineers with a passion for the outdoors. Our goal is to create innovative gadgets and tools that maximize simple, safe, and active lifestyles.