Pop Up Tent Trailer Options to Consider

pop up camper trailerPictured: Somerset Pop Up Camper

A pop up tent trailer, or pop up camper, tends to be a suitable choice for those looking for the comforts of an RV, but need something that stores in limited space, and is easier to tow when in transit.  A pop up tent trailer looks very compact when collapsed, but offer room enough for 4-8 to sleep when opened up.

Pop up trailers can be categorized generally into soft wall campers, with vinyl or canvas pop-up sidesthat have windows and screens.  There are also A-Frame Campers which are hard-walled pop ups.

Let’s take a look at some of the soft wall pop-up tent trailers available today:

Somerset Pop Up Campers

Somerset, owned by A-Liner, offers 6 different pop-up tent trailer models:

  • Newport – Sleeps 5 | Empty vehicle weight of 1150 lbs. | 104 sq ft. living area.
  • Chesapeake – Sleeps 6 | 1350 lbs. | 129 sq ft living area
  • Sun Valley – 2,455 lbs.
  • Mesa – 2,595 lbs.
  • Utah – 2,760 lbs.
  • E3 – 2,723 – 2,908 lbs

Rockwood Tent Campers

Owned by Forest River, Rockwood offers 13 different floorplans for their pop up camping trailer.  3 different series are available:

  • Freedom Series – Unloaded vehicle weight range of 1,465 – 2,439 lbs.
  • Premier Series – Unloaded vehicle weight range of 2,795 – 2,831 lbs.
  • High Wall Series – Unloaded vehicle weight range of 3,249 – 3,721 lbs.

Rockwood also offers an extreme sports version of their pop up camper that includes ProRac Systems permanent mount cross bars. This means you can mount and carry up to 150 lbs of sports equipment like kayaks, mountain bikes, additional storage, etc.

Jayco Jay Sport Pop Up

Comes in four different floorplans