Yurt Glamping – Experience Luxury Yurt Camping near Big Sur and Glacier National Park

yurt glamping big surTreebones Resort Yurt Glamping, Big Sur

I am a minimalist. Nothing in my camping arsenal is cutting edge. I sleep under a tarp while stalking elk in the northern rockies sleeping on mats of pine needles under logs. I like to pack light and take whatever mother nature dishes out. I like to rough it, but sometimes I want a hot shower after a hike and a soft bed to be part of my vacation experience.

Yurt glamping is luxury camping bringing the natural experience of camping to the high life of glamorous amenities.  A fancy fifth wheel trailer with all the amenities of a golf course home is not glamping. That is taking your other house with you.  I think glamping is epitomized by the modern yurt. A yurt or ger is a round tent covered in canvas.  Originating in central Asia where these structures of steam bent latticework were covered in skins or furs and used by nomadic people, they are being manufactured in the U.S. for primary homes, vacation homes and glamping. I want to share a couple of my favorite Yurt Glamping Destinations that will likely leave you ready to sell the house and build a yurt.

Treebones Resort is a premier yurt glamping experience on California’s breathtaking Big Sur Coast. Highway 1 recently re-opened after bad storms damaged the scenic highway in early 2017. The road is now open from Treebones north to Carmel and Monterey, but still closed to the south although there is an alternate route available to access this great vacation destination.

Treebones was my first yurt experience and it was amazing. The canvas yurt was delectably more comfortable than my 10×12 wall tent back home. A king bed, cozy linens, rugs, hot shower, a real toilet and polished pine floors all surrounded by trees perched above the rocky shoreline of the Pacific was stunning. My head hit the pillow after a series of day hikes and dinner in the lodge and I fell asleep to the sound of sea lions barking down the cliff from the resort on the beach. I could get used to this.

Rates start around $320 per night. There is a sushi bar and beautiful dining hall inside a large yurt. The luxury accommodations are near hikes, beachcombing and whale watching. There’s a pool and hot tub on site. If glamping in a luxury yurt is too refined, check out Treebone’s human nest $175 per night/2 night minimum and Twig Hut $195 per night/2 night minimum. After a day of exploring the area Treebones Resort is a perfect way to treat yourself. If you have roughed it in the wilderness, pat yourself on the back for spoiling yourself rotten here.

Under Canvas Glamping Glacier National Park, Montana

Another favorite yurt glamping option is Under Canvas Glacier located 7 miles outside of Glacier National Park in Montana. Among the best glamping options in the northwest United States, Under Canvas is open June through September. In an area of many lodging options, this is by far the most unique experience when traveling to the West Glacier area which I highly recommend.

Under Canvas’ suite style yurts offer sinks and shower with hot water and flushing toilet, secluded locations and raised platform decks to relax on. When you are done drinking wine on the deck and the cool summer night gets to you, just pull the flaps down and climb in the cozy bed. This is the way to stay in Glacier country!

Whether you choose the Suite, the safari, the tipi or the treehouse, Under Canvas has a glamping experience never to forget for couples or families. Prices start at $359 for the suite to $209 per night for the safari.

Under Canvas also operates camps in Yellowstone, Moab, Grand Canyon, Zion and Great Smoky Mountains. So, a glamping experience is never too far away.

So, if you and your camping partner or family are split on whether to rough it or be pampered, go glamping! It is as fun to do as it is to say and the experience will leave you energized for more rustic outdoor activities after enjoying such glamorous amenities as clean linens, hot water and a ride in a golf cart which is evidently part of the glamping experience because every glamp ground has a fleet of them. I hate golf, but who doesn’t love a ride in a golf cart? Treat yourself, go glamping today.


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