Lightweight Fifth Wheel Camper Options for Half-Ton Pickups, under 8,000 Pounds

Is it possible to tow a fifth wheel trailer with a half-ton truck?  The answer is yes!  In fact, half-ton towable fifth wheel campers have become increasingly popular in recent years, with some manufacturers offering specific trailer models – even entire model lines, designed specifically with the half-ton pickup truck in mind.

However, there are some very important considerations and you should definitely do your research as to your particular half-ton’s towing capacity, etc.  Just because you have a half-ton doesn’t mean it necessarily can tow a fifth wheel trailer, as configurations vary widely, even within particular makes/models.

For example, here’s the range of towing capacity for the following:

  • Chevy Silverado 1500: 5,500 – 9,400 lb towing capacity
  • Dodge RAM: 4,190 – 10,140 lb towing capacity
  • Ford F-150: 5,000 – 10,500 lb towing capacity

Make sure you do diligent research on your individual half ton’s specifications.  A truck with a towing package or heavy payload package should be able to handle towing more weight.  You should also consider the vehicle’s GVWR and GAWR ratings.

Fifth Wheel Trailers and Short Bed Pickups

Short beds require a sliding fifth wheel hitch, that allows you to manually ‘slide’ the hitch towards the rear when attempting to maneuver in tight quarters so you don’t hit your truck cab with the trailer.  Amazon actually offers a broad range of slider fifth wheel hitches, and you should be able to identify hitches that fit your specific half-ton pickup make/model.

Alternatively, a pivoting pin box can be used which is more common now with ½ ton fifth wheels, which gives increased turn radius maneuverability up to 90 Degrees.

Long Bed Pickups

A long bed half-ton (usually around 8 feet), should be able to use a fixed fifth wheel hitch.

Ultralight Fifth Wheel Trailer Brands/Models for Half-ton Trucks

While some half-ton rated fifth wheel campers weigh upwards of 10,000+ lbs., below are a collection of fifth wheel trailer brands and models that fall within our criteria for the article, of an Unloaded Vehicle Weight (UVW) under 8,000 lbs.

reflection 150 fifth wheel half ton trucks

Grand Design RV Reflection 150 Series Half-Ton Fifth Wheel Trailer

Touted by Grand Design as “Half-Ton Towable Redefined”, these are the lightest fifth wheel campers on our list, with a couple floorplans actually coming under the UVW 7,000 lb mark.

Specifically designed for short-bed half-ton trucks, the Reflection 150 Series 5th wheels include a turning point swivel pin box, which allows 90 Degree turning radius for even 5 ½ ft bed trucks, without the need for a slider fifth wheel hitch.

The Reflection 150 Series 2 models that come in under 8,000 lbs. mark include:

  • Grand Design 220RK – 6,695 lbs, 26’7”
  • Grand Design 230RL – 6,945 lbs, 28’1”

forest river arctic fox 5th wheel

Forest River’s Arctic Wolf Lightweight Fifth Wheels

Named ‘Best in Show’ by RV Pro, the Arctic Wolf brings a clean, contemporary look to the classic fifth wheel camper design. The Arctic Wolf offers luxury amenities at an entry level price point. There’s about a half-dozen models, ranging in UVW from about 7,900 – 9,300 lbs.  One model comes in under the 8,000 lbs mark:

  • Arctic Wolf 255DRL4 – UVW 7,901 lbs., 30’4”

rockwood ultra lite trailer

Forest River Rockwood Ultra Lite Fifth Wheel Trailers

Designed as a light weight fifth wheel trailer with ½ ton pick up truck owners in mind, Rockwood Ultra Lite Fifth Wheels come equipped with a Reese Revolution pin box, which allows a short bed half ton to tow a 5th wheel trailer. There are 4 models that come well under the 8,000 lb. mark:

  • Rockwood Ultra Lite 2440BS – 7,226 lbs., 28’2”
  • Rockwood Ultra Lite 2620WS – 7,501 lbs., 29’8”
  • Rockwood Ultra Lite 2650WS – 7,631 lbs., 29’8”
  • Rockwood Ultra Lite 2780WS – 7,330 lbs., 31’1”

Forest River also has other brand name fifth wheel trailers/models that fall under the 8,000 lb mark:

Forest River Sandpiper
2850RL – 7,868 lbs., 31’4”

Forest River Sierra HT
2850RLL – 7,868 lbs., 32’6”

Forest River Wildcat Maxx
242RLX – 7,678 lbs., 28’4”

jayco eagle ht fifth wheel for half ton trucks

Jayco Eagle HT Fifth Wheel Series

It’s a safe bet that “HT” stands for half-ton! Jayco touts their Eagle HT 5th Wheel Series trailer as towable by half ton pickup trucks, with features many of the amenities seen in larger, heavier trailers. 5 models come in under, or at 8,000 lbs, ranging in total exterior length from 29’5” to 31’2”.

  • 24.5CKTS – 7530 lbs, 29’5”
  • 25.5REOK – 7650 lbs, 29’3”
  • 26.5BHS – 7510 lbs, 30’7”
  • 26.5RLDS – 7845 lbs, 31’5”
  • 27.5RLTS – 8045 lbs, 31’2”

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