M934 6×6 Military Truck Overland Conversion

m934 military truck custom overland conversion

Bailey Cooper is the owner of this massive 6×6 overland rig that he presented at the 2019 Overland Expo in Flagstaff, AZ. It’s original purpose was a expandable military command center. Once the 5 ton truck was retired from military duty, it was acquired and repurposed for civilian use by Plan B Supply, who specializes in turning these trucks, and others like Humvees, into custom overland/expedition monsters.

Bailey’s particular build is the 6×6 Expedition Crewcab EX, where the 6 person crewcab is custom fabricated by Plan B Supply, along with a locking pass thru doorway to the rear box. Other features of these 5 ton beasts can include:

  • Cummins Diesel engine paired with an Allison transmission and a high/low range transfer case
  • Cab heat & air conditioning
  • 50 inch tires with a central inflation system
  • A really cool safari rack
  • Solar panels and a generator
  • Additional fuel tank (130 gallons)

Of course, each build is unique and Bailey’s behemoth rig is no exception. A beefy custom bumper with a winch wraps the front and one of the most striking features are the massive forward-facing Lightforce Strikeforce amber fog lamps, whom Bailey partnered with. Aesthetics and body armor are enhanced by a beautiful coating Rhino Liner.

While Plan B Supply builds out the boxes in the rear, Bailey’s particular truck at the time of this writing is empty in the rear, as he has plans to build it out custom himself with inspiration coming from an Earthroamer which inspired him. “I want a luxurious interior like what you see in an RV, but with an obvious rugged exterior twist where your reaction is WOW”.

Personally attending the Overland Expo, I have to say Bailey’s 6×6 stole the show when it comes to the behemoth expedition rigs present, and his vision for breathing new life into this former military rig into something aesthetically mind-dropping to look at was spot on.

Follow Bailey on his continued journey for this build on Instagram @5tonbay

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  1. How Much $ they charge to build the Cab an the BUMPER ?

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