This Toyota Tacoma Skamper Combo Makes for Great Camping in the Florida Keys

pop up skamper toyota tacomaPhoto by Kevin Earl

Kevin Earl and his girlfriend Nicole like to beach camp often in the Florida Keys. They decided to purchase a 1991 pop-up Skamper truck camper, and it fit well on their 2016 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road. The Skamper needed a bit of updating, so Kevin and Nicole tackled this over the summer. The results made for a great setup, tailored for the type of camping they enjoy so much – beach camping!

Pop-Up Skamper Updates & Upgrades

The Skamper camper was picked up in Miami in relatively good condition. It was originally all white in color, but Kevin decided to coat and armor the exterior side panels with grey bedliner to give their Skamper a bit of character, and color match it to their Tacoma.

Kevin mounted a 6 ½ foot Tuff Stuff awning to the camper, which extends out 8 ½  feet, giving them ample shade on sunny beach days.

A 15 foot power cord links to a 110V inverter. There is also a 100W solar panel on the roof.  The refrigerator can run off propane, AC or 12-Volt DC power

Heading up the rear of the camper, Kevin added LED light cubes and a 5,000 BTU air conditioner which is great in the hot/tropical weather.

Other features of this Skamper include a roof vent, screen door, sink, dual burner stove, heater, a full size propane tank and a 13 gallon water tank.

Want to learn more about Kevin & Nicole’s Skamper? Visit their Overland Florida Youtube Channel where there’s a handful of videos about it. Thanks Kevin & Nicole for sharing!

Here’s some  Toyota Tacoma camper options you might consider if you’re looking for one.

skamper beach camping florida keys
Beach Camping in the Florida Keys. Photo by Kevin Earl
skamper pop up interior
Cozy Skamper Interior. Photo by Kevin Earl
skamper interior sink stove
Cooking in the Skamper with Dual Burner Stove

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