Levi’s Overland Upgraded 2017 Jeep JK Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon Recon

overland jeep jk umlimited rubicon recon

It’s no secret how popular the Wrangler JK generation Jeeps are, with the Rubicon being the premier overland version from the factory. Even amongst stock Rubicons however, not all are created equal. The Rubicon Recon in the JK era stands as the most off-road capable OEM Jeep.

If you’re not already familiar, one of the key differences is the front Dana 44 axle has a beefier housing and end forgings. There’s other upgrades and trim differences as well. You can typically visually identify a JK Rubicon Recon by it’s red tow hooks in the front bumper.

Enter Levi Farish and his family’s primary camping vehicle – an awesome-looking, overland upgraded 2017 Wrangler Rubicon Recon. “The Jeep is our main overland vehicle, and we’re continuing to improve it” states Levi.

Jeep Rubicon overland trail

Rubicon Recon Overland Suspension Upgrades

To fit the beefy 37” Nitto tires on Method Race Wheels, Levi’s upgraded the suspension of his Jeep with a Rubicon Express 3.5 Inch Sport Lift Kit. “This kit corrects steering and control arm geometry to eliminate bump steer and increases anti-dive for better braking and improved safety.” according to Rubicon Express. Levi also added Synergy Jeep JK Rear Lift Coil Springs to help with weight and Teraflex’s Falcon Shocks. Finally, crawling capability was improved with 4.88 gears.

Further overlanding Jeep upgrades include the addition of a Warn Industries VR10 Winch with custom splice rope and Factor 55 Splicer link mounted in the factory front bumper.

cvt tent on jeep rubicon recon

Rubicon Recon Camping Gear

You know someone is seriously into overland camping when you see a Jeep like Levi’s outfitted with a Gobi Stealth Rack. It supports a static load limit of 800 lbs and a driving load limit of 300 lbs, making it ideal for a roof rack tent. That was exactly Levi’s intention, as it provides a platform for his CVT Mt. Rainier roof top tent that also includes an annex room. To ensure extra shade, Levi also mounted an ARB awning to his Gobi roof rack.

Other overland camping features include a GP Factor Stainless Folding Table that mounts to the inside of the tailgate, and Molle Platform Solutions overhead panels mounted to the interior roof. Levi also added a Teraflex Alta Rack  in the rear of the Jeep, and “we are building a custom storage box in the rear” he states.

jeep rubicon rigid led lights control panel

Nighttime visibility is improved with RIGID Dually front-side shooter LED lights in the front, RIGID LED Scene lights on the side and RIGID LED lights in the rear. Levi added an overhead auxillary switch panel inside to control the lighting. Communication includes a Rugged Radio.

Finally, to keep perishables fresh on the trail, Levi integrated an ultra-efficient, portable Dometic CFX 40W cooler and freezer, mounted to a Dometic CFX Fridge Slide-Out.

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