NuCamp’s TAG, TAB 320 & TAB 400 Teardrop Trailers Featured at Overland Expo

nucamp tab 400 at overland expoTour of the nuCamp TAB 400 thanks to Mandy Lea

nuCamp RV, based in Sugarcreek, OH specializes in manufacturing teardrop trailers and truck campers.  Amongst their teardrop lineup are the TAG and TAB brands which were present at Overland Expo West.

My initial impression of nuCamp teardrops was they were very well constructed with quality materials.  Their overall feel seems more plush than some other brands. They felt a bit more geared towards those looking for features you might see in a standard RV,  yet packed into a minimalist-sized trailer. nuCamp does an excellent job of packing features you’d think wouldn’t be available in the size of trailer they are integrated into.

We had the opportunity to sync up with Mandy Lea from nuCamp, who took us on a tour of their 3 teardrop trailers present at the Overland Expo, the TAG, TAB 320 & TAB 400.

TAG Teardrop Trailer

The smallest teardrop present was the TAG which is the traditional size teardrop you typically see. The interior is essentially a bed with storage underneath, lots of cabinets, a 19” TV/DVD/ AM/FM with Bluetooth®, 3-speed Fan-Tastic fan, an air conditioner, dual 110V/USB power and a large Stargazer window with a cell shade among some other features.

This teardrop trailer comes in 2 sizes (TAG & TAG XL), both with an overall length of 163 inches, but varying width. The TAG is 81 inches wide and the TAG XL, 93 inches wide, so you get a difference in bed width between each.

The galley in the rear is a really nicely finished kitchen, with a stainless sink & 2-burner stove and a slide-out drawer with a Yeti cooler.  The TAG XL surprisingly even has a microwave! Of course there are a bunch of cabinets for storage as well.

TAB 320 Teardrop

Moving up to the mid-size TAB 320 teardrop, you have a larger interior which changes much, creating a full interior living space that you can stand in, much like you’d see in a full-size camping trailer. The size eliminates the need for a galley in the rear and brings the kitchen into the interior.

A wrap-around seating area in the rear half of the trailer has a positionable table that all converts into a bed. There of course are the type of features you see in the TAG.  But there are also some upgrades. For example, the TAB 320 has a large 3-way fridge/freezer than can run off AC, DC & propane. Also, a major feature is a full bathroom with a toilet and complete wet shower with hot water!  It’s amazing that nuCamp expertly packs all these comfort features neatly into a small space. I’m 6’1” and I was able to move around in this trailer no problems.

TAB 400 Teardrop

Finally, nuCamp’s largest teardrop on display was the TAB 400 which is the newest addition to their lineup. Strictly looking at the numbers, this trailer is 3 feet longer, 1 foot wider & taller than the TAB 320.  It’s amazing though how much more volume of space this creates on the interior. As Mandy states, “It feels like it’s almost twice the size in here.”

The extra space allows for a standalone sleeping area, separate from the dinette. The dinette itself converts to an additional sleeping area of course. Other features include what was mentioned in the other trailers: a TV, 2-burner stove, a dometic sink, large counterspace & cabinets, large latch windows, bathroom, fridge/freezer, etc.  It’s a nice setup

NuCamp’s Boondock Package

All of the teardrop trailers nuCamp had on display featured a Boondock package.  This package adds various features like off-road tires & fenders, a heavy-duty pitched axle, increased undercarriage clearance, a roof rack & awning, and a nice aluminum platform that sits towards the tongue, for hauling extra gear.  There are other Boondock features as well.

All three teardrop models we reviewed made me want to hook one up to the trailer hitch and take off for a week.  At the Overland Expo, you see many impressive, burly trailers that will trail you off the beaten path, with great features.  Everyone has their speciality, and nuCamp trailers feel like they are very mature and refined in their construction (lots of experience behind building them). And their styling feels more upscale.  Impressive teardrops – we recommend you check them out, and we’re hoping to see more of their campers in the future!

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  1. We are looking for a lightweight trailer to be pulled by our Toyota Forrunner. It is a V8 and can pull up to 4000 lbs. we would like something like 2500 lbs. we would need a refrigerator maybe small freezer Toilet area. We don’t care about TV but would welcome solar on roof heater and air if possible

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