6 Teardrop Camper Trailers That Will Make You the Envy of Any Campground

teardrop camper trailer

The classic teardrop camper trailer, originating back to the 1930’s has experienced a modern day resurgence in popularity, due to their minimalist impact and ability to be towed by smaller vehicles.

Nowadays, there’s all sorts of niche manufacturers designing and building some very innovative teardrop trailers, both on-road as featured in this article, as well as off-road teardrop trailers. In fact, here’s six classic-styled teardrops that would probably attract a decent amount of attention at your favorite campground:

oregon frontear teardrop camper

Oregon Trai’R Frontear Teardrop Camper

The Frontear is quite an elegant looking, classic teardrop camper. The trailer features Baltic birch cabinetry, and one of the options I really like about this trailer are the exterior side tables, which use a double-gusset system, eliminating the need for legs. The base model starts at $13,000, and includes:

  • LED lighting, thermostat-controlled fan
  • Rubber torsion suspension system
  • 15” alloy wheels
  • 12V outlet, 120 V protected AC outlet inside and outside
  • Queen-size sleeping area w/ LUX Foam Mattress and custom cover.
  • Baltic Birch cabinets and formica countertop
  • Marine Battery

Some options include a Rhino rack, propane stove, water system, HDTV/DVD/Audio system and tons of other options.

Frontear teardrop camper weight: 1,000 – 1,300 lbs.

gidget teardrop camper retro

Gidget Retro Teardrop Campers

Combining Retro-elegant design with modern day technology and functionality, the Gidget Retro is simply “Wow”!  What stands out immediately from other teardrop campers, is the patented pop-out front which almost doubles the interior size.

Other standard features include slimline solar panels for 12V and 110V (inverter) power, LED lighting, rotating entertainment system, water and waste tank and a skylight.

There are 3 classic-style Gidget teardrop models available:

The Bells

  • Leaf spring axle assembly + electric brakes
  • Dry weight: 847 lbs.
  • 52” body width, 93” body length, 57” height
  • Starting price: $19,995

The Bondi

  • ‘GT” independent trailing arm suspension, shock absorbers + electric brakes
  • Dry weight: 1300 lbs
  • 64” body width, 96” body length, 65” height
  • Starting price: $24,995

The Noosa

  • ‘GT” independent trailing arm suspension, shock absorbers + electric brakes
  • Dry Weight: 1660 lbs.
  • 64” body width, 116” body length, 66” height
  • Starting price: $20,595

Hiker Trailer

For those frustrated at the cost of some of these high-end teardrops, the Hiker Trailer might be your answer to becoming a semi-teardrop camper owner, starting at just $2,895.00, and a dry weight of only 640 lbs.  Standard features include a 2,000 lb axle, lights, power outlet, 2 windows, a roof vent and an all aluminum exterior. Front and rear shelves are included in basic models, upgraded to cabinets in deluxe models. Of course, additional accessories are available as well.  These trailers essentially give you the core essentials at the base level, with the ability to customize and upgrade as desired.

4 Hiker Trailer sizes are available in both basic and deluxe versions:

  • 4’x8’: 640-680 lbs., $2,895.00 – $3,695.00
  • 5’x8’: 740-780 lbs., $3,895.00 – $4,695.00
  • 5’x10’: $4,895.00 – $5,695.00
  • 5’x9’: Price Unknown

socal teardrop trailer

So-Cal Teardrops On-Road Campers

Retro looking, Cali-style down to the moon hub caps, So-Cal Teardrops excel in both looks and function.  4 on-road teardrop models are available, including:

  • Buzz: 4’x8’, 670 lb. dry weight, base price $10,235.00
  • Rover: 4’x9’, 920 lb. dry weight, base price $12,765.00
  • Sierra: 5’x9’, 1020 lb. dry weight, base price $13,765.00
  • Cal-Deluxe: 5’x11’, 1120 lb dry weight, base price $15,265.00

tc teardrop camper 5x8

TC Teardrop Campers

Apart from great looks and craftsmanship, TC Teardrops get high marks on affordability and weight (see affordable teardrop campers for more options). The list of standard features is robust, including LED lighting, 12V and USB outlets, 2 tinted pass-through doors, custom-built cabinets, powder-coated sides and much more. TC Teardrop trailer sizes include:

  • 4’x8’: Dry Weight 750 lbs, base price $5,200
  • 5’x8’: Dry Weight 850 lbs, base price $6,000
  • 5’x9’: Dry Weight 950 lbs, base price $6,700
  • 5’x10’: Dry weight 1100 lbs, base price $7,400

timberleaf teardrop trailer

Timberleaf Teardrop

Top quality craftsmanship and design are apparent at first glance with Timberleaf Teardrops, which are manufactured in Denver, Colorado. Some of the unique features of a Timberleaf include a large, tinted skylight that has pull down shades and enamel-baked aluminum siding. The base package is loaded with quite a bit of goodies, including LED lighting, custom cabinetry with low VOC finishes and 2 pass-through doors with vented windows. With the Timberleaf, you’d be sound asleep on a 4” foam queen mattress.

Timberleaf Teardrop Base Price: $19,750

Dry Weight: 1,400 lbs.

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