Hiker Trailer – A Teardrop Camper for the Masses

Not unlike other entrepreneurial success stories from humble beginnings, co-founders Robert Reeve (an electrical engineer) and Wesley Henry (a firefighter), started out as friends building traditional teardrops in their garages.

Around 2010, Rob designed a “square teardrop” prototype of the Hiker Trailer, with the first build occurring in 2012. Not fully knowing what they had, and tight on money, Rob and Wes decided to sell the prototype on Craigslist – it sold in 10 minutes! Another few days advertising the trailer, and 10 more trailers had been pre-ordered. That’s when they knew they had something special.

Today, Hiker Trailer is a fully licensed, bonded and insured company that manufactures and sells their unique ‘square teardrop’ style trailer at some of the lowest prices on the market today.

In fact, demand for these little trailers is solid. “Most of our used trailers are selling right now for $500 or even $1,000 more than a new one, so they’re holding their value” states Rob.

Hiker Trailer now manufactures roughly a few hundred trailers a year, with solid growth continuing.

Where is Hiker Trailer Located?

Hiker Trailer has 2 manufacturing locations located in Denver, CO and Indianapolis, IN. There is also a dealer in Las Vegas that carries the trailers.

What Makes Hiker Teardrop Trailers Unique?

Simply put, Hiker Trailer teardrops appeal to the masses based on quality, towability and price!

  • Quality – Built with the quality materials, construction and accessories
  • Towability – With some models weighing under 700 lbs., Hiker Trailers are towable even by some 4 cylinder vehicles.
  • Price – Hiker Trailers are some of the most affordable teardrop trailers on the market

Breakdown of Hiker Trailer Teardrop Models

(Available in Basic, Deluxe and Offroad Deluxe Packages)

  • 4’x8’
  • 5’x8’
  • 5’x9’
  • 5’x10’

Difference Between Basic, Deluxe and Offroad Deluxe Packages

  • Basic Hiker Trailer has one door, 2 windows, interior shelves, a white exterior and white 14’ wheels. The lowest price, entry point trailer is a 4×8 basic trailer at $2,895.
  • Deluxe Hiker Trailer is an upgrade of the basic trailer, with a rear galley door, cabinetry and a trim package. The lowest price deluxe trailer is also a 4’x8’, priced at $3,895.
  • Offroad Deluxe Hiker Trailer – a Deluxe trailer upgraded to a mid-range offroad trailer. 

Hiker Trailer Extreme Offroad Teardrop

Hiker Trailer extreme offroad teardrop trailers have a different frame, big wheels for overland camping, and are available in 4×8, 5×8, 5×9 foot versions. Optional air ride suspension with 6” of suspension travel is also available. You can even let the air out to make it fit easier in your garage!

More Information: www.hikertrailer.net

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  1. Can it be towed by a new vw beetle? If so I’m very interested.

    • Savage Camper | July 17, 2018 at 10:12 pm |

      Hi Kimberly, the only information I could find on towing capacity for a new beetle was “not recommended for towing”. So I imagine even at the stripped down weight of 700 lbs., the beetle might just be too light to safely tow a Hiker Trailer.

  2. Chevy Equinox LT…can it tow one?

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