Solo Stove Bonfire – Efficient Wood Burning Fire Pit Launched on Kickstarter


If you’re not already familiar with Solo Stove, they became well known for the popular efficient, eco-wood burning, Solo Stove Campfire for backpacking.

Riding on Campfire’s success, Solo Stove has launched a new Kickstarter Campaign for their new fire pit product, the Bonfire.  The design is based on the same engineering principles of the Campfire, making for a wood stove that is extremely efficient at burning wood. The result is a contained, air-injected fire that puts out the flames and heat, yet little smoke and soot. And it’s design for a very clean, efficient burn means less wood it needed. Burning 10 lbs. of wood yields only 2.5 oz of ash left over.

The Solo Stove Campfire requires no setup or assembly, and can safely be placed on your patio, grass or porch without scorching underneath.

How the Solo Stove Bonfire works:



The Bonfire fire pit stands 14 inches tall, 19.5 inches wide and weighs 20 lbs. It’s made entirely of 304 stainless steel, so it’s extremely sturdy and virtually impervious to corrosion.

bonfire camp stove

Interested in learning more?  Visit the Solo Stove Bonfire Kickstarter Campaign or their website