Windcatcher Air Pad

windcatcher camping air pad

Inflates in Seconds w/ NO Power or Pumping

While some may enjoy the light-headed feeling and starry spots in your vision when hyperventilating to blow up your camping air mattress, the rest of us want to get this chore over as fast as possible and move on to other fun! We’ve all dreamt of a seemingly physically impossible product, where it would take just a handful of breaths to fill your air mattress and move on – the Windcatcher air pad make this possible!

With just a few breaths, the revolutionary Windcatcher air pad is completely inflated, without ever having to touch your mouth to a valve!

The ingenious Windcatcher was developed Ryan Frayne at Oceanic Innovation.

How it Works: Each time you blow air into the Windcatcher Air Pad, it’s revolutionary technology greatly amplifies this and sucks in a bunch of the surrounding air with it, resulting in an air pad that inflates in mere seconds! Just as impressive, when it’s time to pack up, no more squeezing out all the air as the Windcatcher deflates in seconds.

Want to learn more? Check out the Windcatcher on Kickstarter or visit their website at

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