Martin Backpacker Guitar Review – Start the Ultimate Backpacking Band

Review of Martin Backpacker Guitar

What happens when you put together a few hearty backpackers who each possess a pinch of musical talent and ingenuity, some repurposed camping gear, and a fifth of Southern Comfort? You get a backpacking band! Throw in a couple Martin Backpacker guitars and now you’ve got the ultimate backpackers band!

The Martin Backpacker Guitar is perfect for camping/backpacking. And don’t let it’s small size fool you – it puts out a rich, full sound at a good volume. It weighs in at 5.3 pounds but you can shave that down to 4.5 or less by removing unneeded straps and replacing the carrying strap with a lighter weight material.

But what about the rest of the band?

No problem. Chances are, at the very least someone on your trip has a bear canister. It just so happens that not only are they good for keeping Smokey out of your food, but also work very well as a percussion instrument.

At this point, you’ve got the core of your band ready to go…but there’s lots more you can do to fill out the sound. For example, you could become Spoonman (like in the Soundgarden song) or use containers filled with sand or gravel as shakers.

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