Hiker Trailer 5×9 Extreme Off-Road Teardrop

hiker trailer 5x9 foot extreme off road trailer

Thanks to the guys at Hiker Trailer, who showed us their 5×9 Extreme Off-Road Teardrop Trailer. They position the trailer as “the world’s most affordable teardrop trailer. It’s high-quality, light-weight, and affordable—perfect for someone who likes to spend their time off the grid. Here’s a quick tour of what’s included.

To start things off, the Extreme Off-Road trailer has the whole battery system up front, including a Zamp Charger and a Zamp inverter which makes sure you have all your power needs covered—perfect for if you’re trying to get off the grid.

The 24” rack up front is a great storage space—perfect for putting your coolers, rotopax, and all the gear you might need when you get out on the trail. If you look on top of the trailer, there’s a 100-watt solar panel on top, which can pump out 2.7 amps, even on an overcast day.

There’s also an 11-speed Max Fan, which many say is the best fan on the market. It conveniently comes with a rain guard to make sure it doesn’t get wet if you’re out on a hike and it starts pouring.

The 5×9 Extreme Off Roader is also very spacious on the inside. As a matter of fact, you have 7 feet of sleeping area from wall to wall. There’s an electrical package inside, which comes with a USB port to charge your cell phones, a voltmeter to keep track of your battery at all times, and a 12V outlet to take care of any accessories you might want to charge.

If you look up, there’s an LED light ring mounted around the fan, which provides bright lights at night without taking up any extra space inside the cabin.

Going back to the exterior of the teardrop, Hiker Trailer gives you options for both aluminum or steel wheels. The trailer can fit up to a size 285/70r17, so you can match up the wheels to your Jeep or Toyota. It means you might not have to carry an extra spare. However, if you want one, they can set you up with that as well.

On the back, there’s an easily-adjusted stabilizer that goes all the way up and gets out of your way on the trail when not in use. They’re sturdy enough that if you jack up the trailer in the front, the stabilizers can easily take the full weight of the trailer in the rear.

The back galley is a standard 2-shelf galley, complete with vertical drawers that have been designed to come out—which is perfect for carrying things back and forth from the trailer. They slide in and out with ease.

There’s also a convenient pass-through in the back, which opens up to the inside of the trailer. This makes it easy to pass whatever you need from people that are inside, even if your outside. This means that coffee can be made outside and passed inside with maximum convenience.

The 270 degrees of cover awning is massive, and it does a good job of protecting you from all kinds of weather. It’s thirteen feet long, tip-to-tip—which provides you with a lot of coverage when you need it most.

The trailer galley comes with a sturdy side-swinging door. The inside is perfect for putting decals or stickers to show off where you’ve been, or where you’re going.

If you chose the spare tire option, it sits on the back of that door, and it matches the trailer perfectly—you can just throw it on and drive normally since it’s a full size spare.

On the side, you also have an on-demand hot water heater, equipped with a 21-gallon water tank underneath. The pump package ensures you get hot water on demand—whenever and wherever you need it.

An 11 lb propane tank is mounted and provides plenty of power to get you through the week.

hiker trailer extreme off road model

A base model Hiker Extreme Off Road trailer comes standard with:

  • Black frame
  • 17” Steel Black Wheels
  • 33’ Tires
  • 3500 lb Axle
  • 2 Rear Drop Down jacks
  • Front Jacks
  • Black Front Storage Box
  • 2×3 Steel Off Road Frame
  • Long SoftRide Leaf Springs with shocks
  • Surface Mount LED Trailer Lights
  • 2 Rear Shackle Mounts
  • 7 pin Wiring Connection
  • Safety Chains
  • Single Curb Side Door
  • Galley Door
  • 2’ Receive Rear Hitch
  • Two Windows
  • Roof Vent
  • All aluminum Exterior
  • Jeep and Other Lug Patterns Available

Additional options included on this trailer include:

  • Charcoal walls
  • Black doors
  • 24” black diamond front rock guard
  • Black trim
  • Second door
  • 2 door with window
  • Vertical drawers
  • 2 bar roof rack
  • Darche awning
  • Rear spare tire mount
  • Deluxe aluminum spare tire
  • Lock-n-roll hitch
  • 25 gallon tank and mount
  • Water pump package #1 and 2
  • 11 lb propane tank and mount
  • 12 volts with ceiling light
  • Electrical Package #2 with roof-mounted 100 Watt flex solar panel and 45 Watt portable solar panel
    Maxx fan
  • Panorama Roof Top Tent (RTT)

Happy camping!

Author: Devin Lester

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