Easi-Move Trailer Mover


Never again struggle to hitch your travel trailer with the Easi Move Trailer Mover

We’ve all been there – even the best of us, where it’s taken many, many tries to line your trailer hitch up with the tow ball on your vehicle. A pain and nuisance for some, and more importantly for others, having to get in and out of a vehicle is physically difficult.

Another scenario, trying to position your trailer just right in a campsite, or on your driveway – the angle at which you need to park right may be difficult or downright impossible. Well thats a thing of the past with the Easi-Move Trailer Mover.

Wouldn’t be nice and extremely convenient to be able to line up your trailer hitch with simply pushing a few buttons? Easi-Move has made this capability a reality, with their V2 single axle and V4 tandem axle, remote controlled travel trailer movers.

According to Easi-Move, “The Easi-Move is a system of motors which engage onto the tires of a trailer so it can be moved by remote control. Makes difficult situations such as reversing or positioning your trailer onto a driveway or campground easy! ”

The Easi- Move will move a trailer forwards, backwards and turn left or right. You can even rotate a single axle trailer 360°!

If you’d like to learn more about Easi-Move and their remote control trailer movers, visit their website at: www.easi-move.com 

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