Dinoot DIY Jeep Trailer Kits

dinoot jeep trailer kit

Dinoot DIY Jeep® Style Trailer Kits by Compact Camping Concepts

Dinoot Trailers, by Compact Camping Concepts, specializes in compact, budget-friendly DIY camping trailer kits. Dinoot takes a bit different approach than most other competitors by offering a do-it-yourself kit to build your own camping trailer, the way you want it. By putting a bit of sweat equity into building your own trailer, it allows you to save $$$ and have camping trailer at a more affordable price.

dinoot trailer kits bt Dinoot Trailers Compact Camping Concepts, LLC

Dinoot Trailers are an innovative and flexible design of modular fiberglass components that are customizable to individual customer needs, build-able as heavy or light duty as needed. The Dinoot trailer is equally at home off-road in the back-country as your favorite addition for Jeep camping gear, or on a trip to grandmas behind a Subaru. Customers can build them as Gear Haulers or Tent Topped Campers.

Dinoot Trailers provide an easy and cost effective vehicle to enjoy Trailer Supported Adventuring in a couple of ways: First, putting in some home-built sweat equity. Folks with basic tools and DIY skills will be able to assemble a Dinoot in a weekend or two. Secondly, Dinoot Trailers are designed for building and upgrading incrementally over time so you can spread out the cost.

A couple different models are available, the Dinoot J-Series and M-Series trailers.

Dinoot J-Series

The J-Series is available in two different sizes: “Compact” and”Extended”.  The Compact is lightweight and sized perfectly for being a highly maneuverable back-country trailer.  The Extended is 2 feet longer, providing additional storage capacity while maintaining the lightweight advantages.

Dinoot M-Series

The M-Series is a hand layed, fiberglass tub trailer, modeled after the the original military M416 / M100 / M101 Jeep trailers with lots of customizable options and features.

To learn more, visit the Dinoot Trailers website: www.dinoot.com Or visit their Facebook Page