Backpacking Breakfast Meals – Freeze Dried Breakfast

backpacking breakfast ideas

A backpacking breakfast is an important part of your trip and tends to be my favorite meal of the day.  With a little creative thinking you can come up with great ideas to avoid a bland, boring breakfast.

Potato Patties

Instant mashed potatoes come in all sorts of flavors, from buttery homestyle to four cheese and require hot water only to make.  Instant potatoes make a great meal of complex carbohydrates that ‘stick to your ribs’.  Bring some cooking oil in a vial, seasoning salt and pepper to make potato patties that are crispy on the outside and taste exceptional in the backcountry yummy!

Bacon and Eggs

Believe it or not, it’s possible. I’ve packed in eggs next to a frozen water bladder, in a 4 egg camping container where it gets reasonably cold at night. Same goes for real bacon.  An easier alternative to packing in fresh eggs are Mountain House Precooked Eggs which are the best freeze dried eggs I’ve personally tried.  Packing in uncooked bacon can obviously be quite a hassle. Fortunately, an awesome alternative is actually readily available – Precooked Bacon. It’s 100% real bacon that comes in a resealable pouch.

Instant Oatmeal

Instant oatmeal packets are an easy, popular option for a backpacking breakfast that’s probably an obvious choice. Lots of flavors and only requires hot water to make, you could also bring a bit of powdered milk or cream to enhance your oatmeal.

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