Lightweight Tigermoth Trailer Weighs Only 900 Pounds

tiger moth trailer

It’s awesome when someone comes up with a new take on an idea that works. When it comes to lightweight trailers that can be towed by 4-cylinder vehicles, the Tigermoth trailer is no exception.

There are essentially 2 Tigermoth models, “Camp” and “Trek”. The base trailer is essentially the same between both models, but standard and optional features vary a bit. The Camp model has the option to add a 2-person roof top tent. Tigermoth comes standard with the roof rack system, so it’s ready for gear storage on the top.

Tigermoth Specifications

Dry Weight: 900 lbs.
Length: 12 feet
Sleeps: 2 (+2 additional with optional roof top tent)
Roof: Support 300 lbs.


Right away, Tigermoth stands out with a unique cabin shape that looks both aesthetically pleasing and functional. One of the the most notable features is the large, side-hatch door that swings out, giving you unfettered access to the great outdoors from within. There is also a rear door.

With the roof having a capacity of 300 lbs, it makes for a suitable place to mount roof racks and store your camping gear, or mount a roof top tent.


Living space within Tigermoth is compact and practical. This is where the gullwing/hatch door really excels, as suddenly a comfortable, confined space becomes as spacious as the great outdoors surrounding you. If the bugs are bad, no need to worry as both an optional screen door for the side access and a rear mounted, 6 ft awning with mosquito netting are available.

The Interior is modular, with the bed turning into a sofa. Tigermoth can sleep someone 6’2” comfortably.

Tigermoth Manufacturer: Taxa Outdoors

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