3 Useful Car Camping Gadgets You May Want to Consider

car camping gadgets

There are a lot of innovative outdoor gear products that can enhance your car camping experience. Some of it is purely utilitarian. Whatever its origin and eventual fate, new or updated gear is fun to read about and always tempting to own. Here are five pieces of new or improved gear that will enhance or, at the very least make more interesting, your next car camping experience.

Sea to Summit Camping Kitchen Sink

Use this portable sink to collect and carry water for cooking, washing dishes, or bathing. It comes three sizes 5 liter (1.3 gallons), 1 liter (2.6 gallons), and 20 liter (5.2 gallons). It has a stainless steel stiffening ring that prevents the top from collapsing when the sink is full. The base is broader than the top so there’s no worry about tipping. It can be used with hot water and detergent. Web handles make carrying easy.

Read more about the Sea to Summit Kitchen Sink

Princeton Tec Helix Basecamp Bluetooth Lantern

bluetooth lantern helix basecamp princeton tec

Control this lantern via Bluetooth with your Apple or Android smartphone. No Wi-Fi or cell signal required. Works much the same way a car key ring is used to turn your lights on in a parking lot. Find your campsite in a crowded campground. Turn on the light in your tent when entering after dark. Turn on the lantern outside from inside your tent. Control the brightness of the 250 lumen bulbs. Manage up to eight lanterns at one time. It’s collapsible and can may even work for backpacking depending on how strict you weight criteria is. Read more about the Princeton Tec Helix Basecamp Bluetooth Lantern.

Jetboil Genesis Base Camp 2 Burner Stove

jetboil genesis base camp stove

This Jetboil Genesis Base Camp 2 Burner System is a reinvention of Jetboil’s original jetboil backpacking stove to turn it into a base camp or car camping stove. Each burner generates 10,000 BTUs. The stove, pot and frying pan packs into a carrying case. Jetboil technology means that one of the strong points of the stove is its simmering capability. Read more about the Jetboil Genesis Base Camp 2 Burner System

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