What’s The Best Two Way Radio for Camping?

best two way radio camping

If you go to Amazon’s Best Selling Two-Way Radios, the Motorola MH230R Talkabout Two-Way Radio will invariably pop up in one of the top positions, frequently as the Number 1 Best Selling Two Way Radio. That has been the case for years, and for good reason.

The Motorola 23-mile range Two Way radios are the go-to choice for many outdoor people when they want to communicate with family and friends in areas where cell phone service is not available. The 2-way radios allow you to stay in touch with kids hiking or boating out of site and give you a sense of comfort that all is well. Kids love having the phones available.

Key Features of the Motorola 2-Way Radio

  • The Motorola 2-way has 11 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) weather channels that keep you up-to-date on changing weather conditions.
  • It has 22 channels each with 121 interference eliminator codes so you will have no trouble finding a channel for clear communication. A “quiet talk” feature filters interference from non-Motorola equipment.
  • It can be used with a speaker phone or with a headset so you can communicate on the go, hands free.
  • It runs for up to 12 hours on a rechargeable battery or up to 14 hours on 3 AAA batteries.
  • It has 10 different call tones with personalized rings to let others know you want to talk.
  • An on-screen battery display and an audible low battery alert lets you know when you’re running low on power.
  • You can recharge at home using the desktop charger or use the mini USB port to charge while on the go.
  • The phones are lightweight and attractive.

Motorola Two-Way Talkabout Radio User Comments

User comments about the Motorola 2-way radio with 23-mile range are almost universally positive. That is except for one thing – the 23-mile range that is part of the name of the phone is total fiction. Almost all users find that the radios work just fine up to a mile or so, but not much more than that. In fairness, it should be pointed out that that is a criticism of almost all 2-way radios not just the Motorola.

For example one user commented…

Over 8 months of occasional use. Mostly grand kids aged 5-12. These have held up very well so far. Range has been great for our camping trips. Still don’t expect more than a mile but work well.

But there are exceptions to that…

I needed two extra radios for a fishing trip to Colorado so that my father, my brother, my son and I could stay in touch. I was amazed at how good these radios did in the mountains. At one point I was over three miles away from my father on the other side of a mountain and we could still talk clearly. Now I know 3 miles in not as far as the 23 miles range that is claimed these radios can reach, but if you know anything about how these radios transmit, then you know that for it to transmit clearly through 3 miles of solid mountain is close to a miracle.

Overall, if you keep your expectations low with regard to the range of the Motorola (and other two way radios as well) you will find that they can enhance the fun and safety of any outdoor adventure on land or water.

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