Roof Rack Awning Options Mount To Your Vehicle

roof rack awning jeepSmittybilt Roof Rack Awning

A roof rack awning is ideal for situations where you need shade next to your vehicle. The most common option for shade out on overland adventures might be a free-standing shade canopy.  While providing necessary shade, free-standing canopies tend to have multiple drawbacks, being heavy and bulky. Additionally, most free-standing canopies usually take more than one person to set up and take down. And all too often, we get to witness these canopies in free flight from gusts of wind when someone doesn’t properly anchor theirs to the ground – sometimes can even be a dangerous situation.

foxwing roof rack awning by Rhino Rack

Foxwing Roof Rack Awning by Rhino-Rack

The Foxwing, offered as both a driver’s side awning and passenger side awning, can mount to almost any roof rack cross bar, including Rhino-Rack, Yakima, Thule and many other roof rack manufacturers, using a Foxwing fitting kit.   Some of the features of the Foxwing include:

  • Easy setup and takedown – one person can do it
  • The awning material is UV protected, waterproof MouldShield™
  • Lightweight, rust-proof aluminium poles
  • Approximately 10 meters coverage with an opening span of 270 degrees
  • Fits all Rhino-Rack, Thule and Yakima roof racks with specific fitting kits. Fit other racks as well with fitting kits
  • Fits Pioneer roof rack trays and other leading brands
  • Awning extensions are offered, enabling you to enclose the sides and convert your roof rack awning into more of a shelter.


jeep camping awning


Smittybilt’s popular roof rack awning comes in 2 sizes, a 6.5 foot version (#2787) and a 8.5 foot version (#7284) . Smittybilt doesn’t go into specifics as to mounting the roof rack, but we assume the system is universal.  Some of the highlights of this awning include:

  • 6.5 ft weighs 20.3 lbs and the 8.5 weighs 21.6 lbs
  • Aluminum frame with telescoping legs and arms, twist lock poles
  • Heavy duty travel bag, waterproof storage bag
  • Includes ropes and stakes for securing in harsh conditions

arb awning

ARB Awnings

ARB offers three different sized awnings that mount to the side of a roof rack:

  • ARB Awning 1250 (#ARB3110A): 1250mm (49.21″) Wide x 2100mm (82.5″) Extended
  • ARB Awning 2000 (#814201): Size: 78.74″ (2000mm) wide x 98.43″ (2500mm) extended
  • ARB Awning 2500 (#814101): Size: 98.43″ (2500mm) wide x 98.43″ (2500mm) extended

These affordable awnings are rugged and lightweight, yet both easy to mount and operate. UV protection and waterproof, ARB awnings are built to last. The awning comes with a pvc lined polyester storage cover. Awning heights are adjustable thanks to telescopic aluminum legs. For harsh weather conditions, stakes and guy ropes are included to anchor down your awning.

Optional mosquito nets, awning walls and awning rooms with floor attachments are also available for ARB awnings.

frontrunner awnings mount roof rack

Front Runner Easy-Out Awnings

Front Runner’s vehicle roof rack mountable, Easy-Out Awnings come in three versions:

  • Easy-Out / 1.4 M (1.4 meters wide, 2.1 meters extended out, 9.5kg)
  • Easy-Out / 2 M (2 meters wide, 2.1 meters extended out, 12.5kg)
  • Easy-Out / 2.5M (2.5 meters wide, 2.1 meters extended out, 13.5kg)

Easy setup under a minute with two people, telescopic aluminum legs and frame that twist lock. Includes a vinyl zip-up cover bag and a main carry bag which can be used in transit. Also includes guy ropes and pegs for anchoring your awning down in windy conditions.

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  1. Looking to mount ARB awning 2000 directly to my fiberglass camper shell. Toyota Tundra. No rack, have no need and would like to garage park. Mount between side glass and top. Thought might mount direct to shell, but has slight curvature above glass. Thoughts, ideas? Thanks, Mike

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